• Bible studies

    Discussions, which can change your life

    The Bible is the most widely read book in the world. We believe that it is inspired by God and infallible and that it answers every important question in life. For over 2,000 years it has provided:

    • An explanation for the origins of man and the universe
    • A description of the connection between people and their Creator
    • The Story of how evil entered the world and why it continues to exist among us
    • The history of everything which God has done to make possible a close relationship between Him and His people
    • Instructions for finding peace and harmony with people and between people and God.

    Entire civilizations have been founded on the principles which are borrowed from the Bible. Studying it can greatly  enrich every person who is willing to learn and willing to see in a change in his life. It is even more effective when done in the context of a group and the form of a study.

    Would you like to learn more about the Bible and discover how it can change your life? We would love to find a way to study the Bible with you, your family, or your group of friends—either in an individual setting, a group Bible study in your neighborhood, or joint gatherings that take place in our home once a month. Some topics that may be covered in these Bible studies include, “Who Is Jesus?” (The Book of John) “Why is the Bible Important?” and “What is my Purpose” (The book of Ecclesiastes).

    Please contact us to find out times and locations of different Bible studies that we currently lead or to talk with us about meeting one-on-one or starting something new! jonathanandamyp@yahoo.com.



  • For International Students

    God has given us a desire to love and serve the international student community living in Pleven.

    If you are an international student studying in Pleven and would be interested in coming to our student group or studying the Bible in English, we would love to get connected with you!